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5 Essentials For A Sporty Kid

5 essentials for a sporty kid

What does a sporty kid need? Not much actually. Just some bats or balls, some sporting shoes, clothes and a lot of time in the Sun! Oh, wait! Did we forget good nutritious, organic food? They need that too. Yes, a lot of organic fruits and vegetables and water.. All of which will be provided by you, the parent.

Now, giving them their time in Sun and plying them with good food comes instinctively to all parents. But the clothes? Well, that’s where we come in!

321 SportsWear has the most amazing sporting wear collection any child has ever seen! From cool, colourful tees to trendy, hot sweatpants, from comfortable caps to snug hoodies! You will be spoilt for choice.

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Introducing 321 After-Play Collection!

Comfortable clothing is the buzz-word today. For boys yes, but even for girls. You want to be comfortable first, be easily functional later and look good last. You want to live in their clothes, whatever the occasion, whatever the venue. And mostly, you come to loggerheads with your parents about that.

Fret not! 321 After Play Collection is just for you!!!

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We are football ready!! Are you?

Football fever is back.

The national colours are out.

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Girls, go out and play!

This summer, don't let anything stop you; just go out and play!!! 

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5 Sporting Essentials your child needs

There’s a whole lot of ‘essential’ when it comes to sports. But what moms think are essential is what matters most.

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5 reasons why you have to dress for success

What you wear matters. Especially when what you wear is directly connected to how you perform at your work. Or play. Like the saying goes – to be best at anything, you have to first dress the part. The same goes for an athlete; you want to be the best, you got to wear the right clothes. And what we’re saying goes beyond the superficial, ‘look good’ factor. In sports, wearing the right apparel is more than just the appearance. Even for a young athlete. 

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