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A month into your new academic year, it will be time to don those sports fatigues once again!

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  6 reasons why playing multiple sports is beneficial for your kid

We are living in a world of specializations – be it medical field, fashion designing or food. In the world of fine arts, we call it ‘genres’. And there is scramble to find our specializations at the earliest, so we can carve a niche for ourselves in the rat-race to be at an advantage. The world of sport is no different.

In fact, most parents and coaches, driven by the enthusiasm of having kids play an actual sport, try to decide their ‘specialty’ as soon as a sport is taken up and encourage them to focus their attention on that one skill in that particular sport. Well, to our credit, we want our kids to focus on what could be their forte, instead having their fingers in various pies.

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  How to parent a self-motivated athlete?

We have always heard stories about famous and celebrated athletes starting early.. not just their day, but their athletic career. Say, from the ages of 5 or 6.  And it is parents who introduce their children to the beauty of sports at that young an age. Parents, who sacrifice a lot to get their children into the discipline that is requisite of being a sportsperson. You do it again and again, till one day, boom, your young athlete is motivated enough to set his own alarm, fill her own kit bag, or choose to stay away from junk food because they want to play sport.

Does that mean your job is now over? Think again!

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Are you a helicopter parent?

Do you often seem to get too involved in your child’s game – be it practice or an important match – usually found hovering around the perimeter, keeping a hawk’s eye on how your child is performing?

Do you find yourself shouting out or even signalling instructions about how they should approach target?

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10 things your little athlete could be thinking

One thing I’ve always been curious about is “what do athletes think when they are on field/court?”

Well, most of the time, they are thinking of nothing but rather concentrating on the next delivery and how best to play it; but younger athletes, especially when they practice, could be thinking of ANYTHING!

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