If confused about what to choose from our large collection; let us get you down to 5 most essentials.

Boys Scorer Tee -- Black, Red and Yellow : Every boy needs this in his cupboard. Especially, if he is into football even though this is a multi-sport tee! The vibrant colours are just awesome on the field, making your child very noticable, even from a large distance. That said, this is the dry-wick fabric that absorbs sweat… see, again a big yes for sweaty little boys who love to work up a large sweat. Plus, the dry mud from the field can be easily washed off this material.

Boys Pintuck Athleisure Pants -- Grey : Although we call them ‘boys’ they are actually unisex. I mean just look at those cool, comfortable pants; why should we deny our girls from wearing them anyways! Complete with pockets that kids nowadays seem to love a lot, these pants can be worn while fitness training or just chilling with friends. They can also be worn down full length till ankle or bunched up a little to show off your sneakers. Either ways, they are the coolest thing in your child’s wardrobe.

Harem Knee Pants -- Available in 2 colours, this is also unisex. What a cool and a cute way for your child to go out and play a sport or just chill around. Knee-length makes them the best option during summers when kids just don’t want to wear anything full length!

Girls Basic Sleeveless tees -- They may look dainty, but they are anything but. They come as sturdy as they can because we know how our sporty girls can be! They are for a generation of girls that don’t know how to back down. They go all out to win! And go back to looking dainty again! The Sleeveless tees are our favourites because they represent everything about today’s sporty girls -- dainty yet strong. Pretty and sturdy!

Unisex Yin and Yang Jacket -- Yin and Yang.. 2 parts of a coin. As with this jacket. Sports and Leisure. Play their sport and then chill with their friends.. all they have to do is throw this jacket on top and voila! Your child is almost like a different person! The neon laces add character to their personality.

Yin and Yang. A sporty child and a relaxed, chilling child. Both are the same, yet so different.

So go right ahead and shop for your sporting essentials now! Hurry!